The Pads


The totally unique open-cell composition of the Limpet Saddle Pad uses the heat of the horse’s back and moisture, to form a bond between the horse and the saddle. This adhesion virtually eliminates saddle slippage.

The enhanced protection and dissipation of pressure of the 20mm pads generates a greater degree of comfort for both horse & rider. This results in a softening through the back and produces a marked improvement in the horses’ way of going.

The unique Limpet bond allows healing of, where feasible, a damaged back whilst not interfering with the horses continued training.

The 20mm pads allow sweat into the lower surface, wicks it away down the coat thus preventing the pad from becoming steadily heavier in use.

All Limpet pads can be ‘cut to size’ when and where necessary, a completely unique property of these pads.










Should you have a 10 mm or 20 mm Pad?

The 10 mm pad is right for you if:

  •  Neither you NOR your horse have back issues.
  •  Your horse is in light work or you are competing for a limited time that day.
  •  Your saddle slips.
  •  Your horse is aged between 8 & 14, and that there will be no significant changes in the horse’s back due to illness or work.
  •  You don’t need any concussion absorption.

The 20 mm Pad is Right for You if:

  • You OR your horse have back issues.
  • You jump or are in the saddle for several hours.
  • Your horse is younger than 8 or older than 14, the 20 mm thickness will take up any changes in your horses back.
  • You want to enhance your performance.
  • All else equal, the concussion absorption and dissipation of pressure of the 20 mm pad will help when sitting deep into the saddle.
  • The lack of friction and the concussion absorption together will protect your horses back.