“I have been using the Limpet Saddle Pad for over 14 years and not had any back problems with any of my horses. They are forwards, happy and willing to move and swing through the back. Every horse I ride now goes in a Limpet Pad. If you expect excellence, you need to use equipment that will give them the opportunity to give you excellence.”

“The ProCombi combines close contact with superior protection to the horses back. I use it because I can feel the horse swinging and pushing from behind, and it allows my leg to hang next to the horses side without any bulk. I now use this pad on all of my horses, and have noticed a difference with the young horses who are relatively new to the feel of the saddle on their backs.”

“I bought one last year with the intention of using for hunting only and then decided it was silly to just keep it for hunting and it is used constantly. Both of us have benefitted! Just lent it to a friend to try for their horse suffering with a sore back.”

“I’m using my 1/2 inch thick felt contoured pad. It worked really well finally no slipping!”

“I had the most awesome day at the David Broome Event Centre last week I took my young horse you gave me the pieces of pads for and entered her in one of the para 3 classes, she was as I predicted very nervy causing her to act as the proverbial child hiding behind its mummy’s legs horse !! However, she did all I asked her and won class with 68% bearing in mind we only get judged by list 2 and above judges this is a huge thing to have happened but most excitingly we had an 8 for our paces, this I owe to you as this is down to the difference the pads have made and I can never thank you enough, I am so excited for the future with her now.”
Jules Horton
Para Rider

“Thank you for the Girth Guard sample, as promised I have attached photos of before and after. I always walk her when I do the girth up and gradually tighten after several laps of the arena (there was no slipping or puckering). We went on an hour hack, mostly in walk and little trot. Also going up and down large hills, so I can honestly say it was put to the test. My horse did not turn back to scratch or find any irritation using the Guard. I also noted that although it seems close to her leg it did not impede her gait at all.”
Toni Alouane & Safa.